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i wasnt meaning to continue on with the cover song theme but i just couldn’t help it. When I logged onto youtube, this video was waiting for me under my subscription to the fabulous Jamie Cullum, and boy was i glad. Not only is Mr. Cullum’s cover mind-blowingly awesome, the video for it adds a certain James Bond (exploding piano FTW!) like charm to the entire experience. It’s rare for me to actually watch a music video especially all the way through not because i don’t enjoy the artistic quality of it but cuz i prefer to listen to music as a stand-alone. However, this music video just drew me in. The mesmerizing close ups of the inner works accompanied by the soothing yet edgy voice of Jamie is just indescribable so i urge everyone to go take a gander. enjoy.



So it’s rare that a band makes me feel so ambiguous but Ra Ra Riot seems to have managed that feat quite easily. At first listen, my initial reaction was WTF. I couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not. The strange reminiscence resounding from the unique sound of the band that uses driving violin riffs and mesmerizing bass lines certainly creates an interesting musical nuance that’s not exactly for everyone but almost everyone is bound to enjoy at least one song by this amazingly talented band. So here’s my favorite Run My Mouth by Ra Ra Riot! hope you guys enjoy


Every once in a while, an artist comes along who just completely dominates an instrument in a way that makes it absolutely irresistible to the listener. Ben Sollee is that virtuoso. His amazing pwnage with the cello coupled with his bluesy voice is an awesome combination. One that I will be personally enjoying live tomorrow night! Ben Sollee performs in Knoxville and I will be there. To commemorate this momentous occasion, here’s one of his songs from the album Learning to Bend

Enjoy y’all! Happy Bending?!


Well, teach me baby
Oh Lord, yes, a little show-and-tell
How to keep from loving you
Now should I fence in my heart baby
Lord, keep it in the shade
Give it all the fruit it could want
Except yours

Teach me baby, well, one more time
Just exactly how far you are away
Should I start walking now baby
When in the day
You know i don’t need no map
Yes, i’ll find my way

Teach me baby, oh, i promise i’ll get it this time
How to hold a bird in my hand and watch it grow
See those feathers bloom
But don’t let it fly
Even though that’s what it’s supposed to do

Teach me baby, mmm, one last time
How to see the sun rise
In the dead of night
Oh, cos that’s how it feels baby
Cos you don’t feel that way too

So…This one kinda fell into my lap. I was on this website ( a long time ago checking out music, and came across a band called Broken Social Scene. Despite their emo sounding name, I decided to check it out so I bought their CD, and my God! what a CD it was. I absolutely hated it like the first couple listens-through. Yet, I guess something just kept me going back to it. Maybe it was the crazy organized chaos feel that Broken Social Scene is best known for, but I was hooked and I didn’t even know it. After a couple listens in the car, I couldn’t stop listening to the entire thing. It then became the first CD of mine to frequent my stereo and have me not skip a single song, and even though every one of the tracks has something amazing to offer, the one that really stuck with me these last 5 years is a song called Almost Crimes. It’s a fast-paced, he-said-she-said type of indie rock song that just epitomizes a certain feeling. Like the feeling you get when you are doing something ridiculous and stupid with your best friends andlaughing the entire time. The music video for this is an excellent representation of it too.


So…listen to this song and just go crazy! Happy Rocking!

So everyone knows Coldplay right? if not then maybe you should start off on some basic music blogs before trying your hand at this one. Anyhoo, what everyone doesn’t know is that Coldplay’s old stuff is really good as well, especially the song Shiver.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with this song. I just think it’s absolutely fantastic. The driving guitar parts to the lead singer’s sweet falsettos just get my blood going. The best is driving on the highway slightly faster than the speed limit with the windows down and this song blaring through the speakers. Although I’ve been a Coldplay fan for a couple of years now I didn’t come across this song until I was pillaging through my little sister’s iTunes library, but man, once I found it, it was on. Love the song, and you should too so listen to it! and check out this dude’s acoustic cover too…found him on youtube and I dare say he’s almost as good as the original. Happy Playing