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So everyone knows Coldplay right? if not then maybe you should start off on some basic music blogs before trying your hand at this one. Anyhoo, what everyone doesn’t know is that Coldplay’s old stuff is really good as well, especially the song Shiver.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with this song. I just think it’s absolutely fantastic. The driving guitar parts to the lead singer’s sweet falsettos just get my blood going. The best is driving on the highway slightly faster than the speed limit with the windows down and this song blaring through the speakers. Although I’ve been a Coldplay fan for a couple of years now I didn’t come across this song until I was pillaging through my little sister’s iTunes library, but man, once I found it, it was on. Love the song, and you should too so listen to it! and check out this dude’s acoustic cover too…found him on youtube and I dare say he’s almost as good as the original. Happy Playing