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Every once in a while, an artist comes along who just completely dominates an instrument in a way that makes it absolutely irresistible to the listener. Ben Sollee is that virtuoso. His amazing pwnage with the cello coupled with his bluesy voice is an awesome combination. One that I will be personally enjoying live tomorrow night! Ben Sollee performs in Knoxville and I will be there. To commemorate this momentous occasion, here’s one of his songs from the album Learning to Bend

Enjoy y’all! Happy Bending?!


Well, teach me baby
Oh Lord, yes, a little show-and-tell
How to keep from loving you
Now should I fence in my heart baby
Lord, keep it in the shade
Give it all the fruit it could want
Except yours

Teach me baby, well, one more time
Just exactly how far you are away
Should I start walking now baby
When in the day
You know i don’t need no map
Yes, i’ll find my way

Teach me baby, oh, i promise i’ll get it this time
How to hold a bird in my hand and watch it grow
See those feathers bloom
But don’t let it fly
Even though that’s what it’s supposed to do

Teach me baby, mmm, one last time
How to see the sun rise
In the dead of night
Oh, cos that’s how it feels baby
Cos you don’t feel that way too