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So…I was going to post this yesterday but I was too tired and ended up deferring it, and now it isn’t as apropos but oh well it’ll do. An old Commodore‘s song covered by the incredible 80’s rock band Faith No More called “Easy” will be the topic of recommendation for today. I first heard this song in a Levi’s commercial(starts like 4 secs into it) and it immediately called out to me. The gritty voice of the lead singer Mike Patton is an incredibly appealing force when combined with the bluesy guitar solo and the simple yet homey sound of the keyboard. It kinda sounds like i’m talking out of my ass but i can’t really help it lol. something about this song just kinda rocks me to my core so i’d best advise anyone to just check it out and see if they get the same response as well.


PS: the video is so incredibly 90’s


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