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So…This one kinda fell into my lap. I was on this website ( a long time ago checking out music, and came across a band called Broken Social Scene. Despite their emo sounding name, I decided to check it out so I bought their CD, and my God! what a CD it was. I absolutely hated it like the first couple listens-through. Yet, I guess something just kept me going back to it. Maybe it was the crazy organized chaos feel that Broken Social Scene is best known for, but I was hooked and I didn’t even know it. After a couple listens in the car, I couldn’t stop listening to the entire thing. It then became the first CD of mine to frequent my stereo and have me not skip a single song, and even though every one of the tracks has something amazing to offer, the one that really stuck with me these last 5 years is a song called Almost Crimes. It’s a fast-paced, he-said-she-said type of indie rock song that just epitomizes a certain feeling. Like the feeling you get when you are doing something ridiculous and stupid with your best friends andlaughing the entire time. The music video for this is an excellent representation of it too.


So…listen to this song and just go crazy! Happy Rocking!


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